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Израиле, США, Германии, Франции,- везде, где есть русские. Английский язык - это круто и прикольно!

Особенно, с преподавателем Московского Государственного Лингвистического Университета,- бывшего легендарного Московского государственного педагогического института иностранных языков имени Мориса Тореза.

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Audio Story 'One Thousand Dollars' written by O. Henry

Аудиокнига О.Генри. "Тысяча долларов"

Поиск репетитора по английскому языку

Здесь будет представлен список репетиторов по английскому языку России.

Не в смысле "английского языка России", а конечно же, "список репетиторов России" - по Skype или очно - One-on-one.

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Репетитор по английскому языку напишет сочинение по английскому языку, топик по английскому, эссе на английском

Английский язык. Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ-2012. Напишу топик, эссе на английском языке.

Например: "Мой любимый писатель - поэт Артём Султанов"
My favourite writer Artem Sultanov - Топик, сочинение по английскому языку, топик по английскому, сочинение на 5 баллов.

Подготовка GMAT, GRE, TOEFL! Пробный экзамен TOEFL, индивидуально!

Упражнения по английскому языку с репетитором

Gillian was an orphan. He worked in a factory and every day he only got a little money.
Hard work made him thin and weak.
He wanted to borrow a lot of money to learn to paint pictures, but he did not think he could pay off the debts.

One day a lawyer said to him, “One thousand dollars, and here is the money.”
As Gillian took the package of notes, he was very dumbfounded.
He didn’t know where the money came from and how to spend it.
He said to himself, “I could go to find a hotel and live like a rich man for a few days;
or I give up my work in the factory and do what I’d like to do: painting pictures.
I could do that for a few weeks, but what would I do after that?
I should have lost my place in the factory and have no money to live on.
If it were a little less money, I would buy a new coat, or a radio, or give a dinner to my friends.
If it were more, I could give up the work and pay for painting pictures.
But it’s too much for one and too little for the other.”

“Here is the reading of your uncle’s will,” said the lawyer, “telling what is to be done with this money after his death.
I must ask you to remember one point.
Your uncle has said you must bring me a paper showing exactly what you did with his money, as soon as you have spent it.”

“Yes, I see. I’ll do that,” said the young man.


1. Gillian wanted to borrow money to _______.

A. study abroad

B. work abroad

C. pay off the debts

D. learn to paint pictures


2. What does the underlined word “dumbfounded” (in Paragraph 2) probably mean?

A. Surprised.

B. Frightened.

C. Satisfied.

D. Excited.


3. With the money he got, at first Gillian _______.

A. planned to have a happy life for a few days

B. decided to give up his work in the factory

C. was to give a dinner to his friends

D. had no idea what to do


4. Gillian was asked to _______.

A. tell the lawyer what he did with the money after spending it

B. read his uncle’s will

C. tell the lawyer what was to be done with the money

D. buy some pictures


Какие вопросы будут раскрыты на семинаре:

    Какой английский язык необходим для современного стиля жизни?
    Что и как учить в английском языке?
    Как подключить скрытые резервы памяти?
    Как настроить себя на УСПЕХ в английском языке?
И не только!


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